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According to the Income Tax Act 2023 of Bangladesh, all taxable citizens and companies (under the Company Act 1994) must have a TIN certificate based on their annual income. So, if the act applies to you, you have to do the same.

But how do you get a TIN certificate in Bangladesh? It’s very easy to apply and get one! You have two ways – online (e-TIN) and manual registration. Online registration is easier and more popular. In both cases, just submit all your information correctly. You will get it instantly through an online method, while it may take two working days through the manual route.

Before knowing the registration process, know what a TIN certificate is briefly. Also, learn why you should have a TIN certificate in Bangladesh and more related information about a TIN certificate.

Ways To Get A TIN Certificate in Bangladesh - Online (e-TIN) and Manual Registration

TIN Certificate in Bangladesh

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TIN certificate registration processes are free of cost. Below are the processes described step by step.

1. Online Process (e-TIN)

The Bangladesh government has made the TIN registration process digital as a part of its endeavor to digitalize the nation. You can complete an online registration in under 10 minutes if you have all the required information. 

Follow the steps below to complete a free online registration:

1. Go to the dedicated page of Bangladesh’s National Board of Revenue (NBR) website:

2. Fill in all the mandatory information such as (marked with a red star sign). Here is a box asking for a mobile number, that is required to send you an e-TIN Activation Code . This must be an active Bangladeshi mobile number. Here the ‘Email Address’ box is optional, so you can skip it.

3. Complete the Captcha . If you can’t understand the current captcha text, hit on ‘Try Another’.

4. Click on the ‘Register’ button. Then you will be transferred to the e-TIN “Activation”  page.

5. Now you will receive a 5-digit e-TIN activation code on your phone via your default message application. If you don’t get it instantly, wait for a few seconds.

6. Complete the e-TIN Mobile Activation by correctly submitting the e-TIN activation code. Click on ‘Activate’ to complete this step.

7. Now you will see a text on the website saying “Registration completed. Please login again to continue.”  So, click on the ‘Login’ tab.

8. Input your ‘User ID’ and “Password” here correctly. Click on the ‘Login’ button below.

9. You will be brought to a new page. Below is a text saying “(For TIN Registration/Re-registration Click here).” Click on ‘here’. We will do a new registration.

10. Now a Registration/Re-registration form will open. Give all the mandatory information. Choose the Taxpayer’s Status carefully. It is selected as an ‘Individual’ by default. If you want to register for a company, click on the drop-down sign and choose ‘Company’. After giving all the information correctly, click on ‘Go to Next’.

11. In this step, you will see a long form that asks for all your Basic Information. Give all the information as stated in your NID or Passport (for foreigners without NID). Click on the ‘Go to Next’ button below.

12. Now you will see a ‘Final Preview’. Carefully check whether you have given any wrong information. If you notice any mistake, click on ‘Back to previous’ and correct it. 

13. If everything is ok, click on ‘Submit Application’. A new page or a certificate will open showing all your information and your photo taken from your NID. The certificate will have two buttons at the bottom: ‘View Certificate’ and ‘Print Details’. So, your TIN certificate is ready!

14. Click on the ‘View Certificate’ button. Here you will see three options at the bottom: ‘‘Print Certificate’, ‘Save Certificate’, and ‘Email Certificate’. Do whatever you need.

Note: Save or email the certificate (PDF file format) so you can print it later anytime anywhere without logging in to the website again. It will help you avoid the problem of a down website or server. If you need to use the certificate sooner than later, it is better to print it now.

2. Manual Process

You can apply or register for a TIN certificate by visiting the NBR office or an NBR branch. You have to submit some documents such as a photocopy of your NID card, photographs, personal details, etc.

Interestingly, the process is the same as online registration. Actually, one of the workers in the NBR office will fill out your information according to your submitted documents.

The worker will not do the registration instantly in the presence of you. You may have to wait for a couple of working days to get the TIN certificate.

Besides, you have to bear transport costs and there may be some unexpected expenses at the NBR office.

So, it is not a popular registration method. I recommend you to go online.

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How to Do A Third-Party TIN Verification?

TIN Certificate in Bangladesh

You can do a Third-Party TIN Verification easily. Go to the following page of the NBR website:

Then complete the steps one by one as I described in the online registration process above.

Follow the recommended guides for Third-Party TIN Verification.

Difference Between Manual and Online (e-TIN) Registration

The table below shows the differences between manual and online processes.


Manual Registration

Online Registration

Submission of Hard Document


No, just fill out the form


Instantly after the submission of your application 

2 working days minimum



Transport and maybe some unexpected expenses

Why Should You Have A TIN Certificate in Bangladesh?

TIN Certificate in Bangladesh

If you meet one of the conditions below, you should have a TIN certificate:

1. If you work for a company in Bangladesh and your total income for a tax year surpasses the maximum amount allowed by the current Income Tax Act, you should have a TIN number.

2. In the event that your monthly basic income from a public office equals or exceeds BDT 16,000, you are required to submit an income tax return and request a TIN certificate.

3. If you own an automobile.

4. If you want to take a credit card.

5. If you want to buy a share of any company.

6. If you hold membership in a club that is VAT-registered.

7. If you are engaged in any enterprise or profession for which a trade license has been granted by a city corporation, etc.

8. If you want to get a license for importing goods.

9. If you are registered with the Board as an Income Tax Practitioner or affiliated with a recognized professional organization such as a Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, etc.

10. If you contest for a position in the City Corporation, a Paurashava, or as a Parliament Member.

11. If you want to register a flat, plot, or building in the City Corporation.

12. If you take part in a tender initiated by a local entity, an autonomous body, a government, or a semi-government entity.

13. Private limited companies, regardless of their ownership status, are obliged to obtain a TIN Certificate.

There are more conditions. If you want to know more details, visit here.

Interestingly, this act applies to you, even if you aren’t eligible to pay any tax.

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Many people think that obtaining a TIN Certificate in Bangladesh is complex. However, the truth is that the online verification method is way easier than obtaining other government-issued certificates or documents in Bangladesh. 

So, if you are eligible to have a TIN Certificate, our simple and detailed guidelines are enough for you. If you have all the required information, start the registration now and get your TIN Certificate within a few minutes.

Also, you can get assistance from Law Advisor BD to get a TIN certificate in Bangladesh.


Read the quick answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the TIN Certificate of Bangladesh.

Yes, you can download your TIN certificate after completing your online registration. The certificate can be printed or saved as a PDF file.

You can instantly get your TIN certificate after completing an online registration. It will take under 10 minutes to complete a registration.

Yes, an e-TIN is the same as a Tax ID in Bangladesh.