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According to the record of the Bangladesh government, about 0.3 to 0.4 million Bangladeshi people immigrate every year. In total, there are about 7.5 million Bangladeshi immigrants all over the world. And you may want to be one of those immigrants sooner rather than later.

But do you know how to immigrate from Bangladesh? You have to find the best immigration consultant in Bangladesh. An expert immigration consultant can help you immigrate from Bangladesh efficiently. At Law Advisors BD, we have highly skilled and experienced immigration consultants. So, you can count on us to immigrate to your desired country most efficiently and affordably!

There are a lot of low-quality or fraud agencies that only can make your immigration complicated, lengthy, or failed. Keep reading to avoid a nasty experience before you can migrate successfully.

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Who Is the Best Immigration Consultant in Bangladesh?

Law Advisors BD is the best immigration consultant in Bangladesh. At Law Advisors BD, we offer the best immigration consultation services in Bangladesh with our vastly experienced immigration consultants.

We have guided and helped hundreds of people to successfully migrate to over 60 countries. These countries include the UK, US, Canada, Germany, Australia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Malaysia, and a lot more.

You can rely on Law Advisors BD to make a successful immigration to your dream country. We offer the lowest fee and the best support.

Do You Need to Consult an Immigration Consultant in Bangladesh?

Yes, you should consult a specialist immigration consultant in Bangladesh.

Immigration is not an easy process. It involves some complicated steps. You can’t complete all steps alone considering you don’t know all the rules. Also, you don’t know how to manage and solve the possible issues. 

So, there are many reasons why you should meet a specialist immigration consultant like Law Advisors BD. Feel free to contact Law Advisors BD to see how Law Advisors BD can help you immigrate smoothly.

How Law Advisors BD Can Help You Immigrate Smoothly?

Our specialist immigration consultant at Law Advisors BD can help you in many ways as follows:

  1. Our immigration consultant has proper knowledge of immigration laws and procedures. So, we can ensure that your application is accurate.
  2. Our wise immigration consultant can provide personalized advice based on your situation.
  3. Our expert immigration consultant can simplify the entire process. It will save time and reduce the possibility of rejection due to mistakes.
  4. Our knowledgeable immigration consultant stays updated on the latest immigration regulations. It ensures your application meets the latest requirements.
  5. Our professional immigration consultant can give support throughout the whole process.
  6. If a complication or legal issue arises, our intelligent immigration consultant can communicate with immigration authorities on behalf of you and represent you.

Popular Countries for Bangladesh Immigrants

Bangladeshi people immigrate to over 140 countries of the world. Here some countries are very popular to them for work, study, or living.

The following table shows the popular countries for Bangladesh immigrants with the major purpose of immigration.

Popular Countries for Bangladesh Immigrants

The Major Purpose of Immigration

Middle Eastern Countries

Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq

Work and business

Saudi Arabia

Work, business, study, and religious purposes


Work and study


Malaysia, India, South Korea, Singapore, Pakistan, Maldives

Work and business


Study and work

Western Countries

USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia

Study, work, and living


UK, Italy, Germany

Study, work, and living


South Africa, Libya, Mauritius

Work and business


We all know that the immigration of Bangladeshi people not only involves personal needs, it contributes to the economy of Bangladesh and the quality of life of millions.

So, we offer immigration consultation services in Bangladesh wholeheartedly. To experience easy and efficient immigration, consult us confidently. We hope we can do it smoothly within the shortest possible duration.

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Read the best answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding immigration from Bangladesh. 

According to the Bureau of Manpower, Employment, and Training of Bangladesh, about 0.3 to 0.4 million people immigrate from Bangladesh every year. The number is increasing year after year, despite some declines in a few countries.

It depends on various factors, such as the purpose of immigration, the process of immigration, the opportunities immigrants get, and more. However, about 90% of the migration from Bangladesh happens in Middle Eastern countries and some Asian countries such as Malaysia.

Among the Middle Eastern countries, Oman has the most Bengali Immigrants. Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Oman come next regarding the number of Bangladeshi immigrants. Among the Asian countries, Malaysia has the most Bengali Immigrants.

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